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The Prophecy of the Buddha

The Prophecy of the Buddha - Will the wheel of Dharma really stop as announced in the sacred texts?
Olivier Manitara, 211 pages

The Buddha is one of the beings who made their mark in history, bringing humanity a philosophy of kindness and compassion. His teaching has awakened many beings and has left us a message of serenity.
According to the texts of Buddhism, the Buddha said that the Wheel of Dharma, the wheel of the Divine Teaching, would stop turning 2500 years after his coming and then it would be started again.
Olivier Manitara, carrier of the Essene tradition, teaches us it is possible to keep the wisdom of the Buddha by unifying forces and leading them towards a higher world.
How do we participate in keeping the Divinity that has been transmitted to us through the Masters, such as the Buddha, in order for this earth of men to be carrier of the Light?
If you like the teachings of Buddhism and you would like for it to live on, you can find the answers to that question in this book.

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The Secret Book of the Essene Magi

The Secret Book of the Essene Magi - Learn to Live with an Angel
Olivier Manitara, 405 pages

How can nature rebuild our four bodies of earth, water, air and fire? Is there a way to approach her for that? Can we do it in our times with the active lives that we lead?
How can we purify our five senses, our touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight? Can all these subtile organs be reborn? Is there a way for our senses to become increasingly subtile, until we enter into higher worlds?
Is there really a way to master your life and become the creator of your destiny on earth? And is there really a path that leads men to a world of eternity and immortality?
In this book you will find the answers to all these questions. You will see the true Light, the true wisdom that has no age and is applicable for all those who have a sincere desire to live with the divine world.

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(US $8.99)

What Happens After Death

What Happens After Death - Michael Jackson, Peter Deunov, Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, Peter the Abbot, Christian Rose-Cross, The Pope John Paul II, St John the Essene, Mozart, Hitler and others less famous
Olivier Manitara, 208 pages

There are many books about the experiences of death, but they mostly speak about the "passage", such as it is described by people who have returned to their bodies. This book is very different, because the author has accompanied many souls to the other side and he saw behind the passage once the soul permanently leaves the body.
Through the narratives of this book, we can see that there are several stages, several meetings to be lived on the other side. These are stories of rich and profound wisdom, that bring us in front of a reality that we absolutely need to know to be well prepared for our last trip.
Just because we do not have a body we no longer live. On the contrary, without our physical vehicle, we go into worlds that are more alive than the material world.
Here is a book that will prepare you for death and that will enable you to help those who are facing it because you will know and understand what is really happening on the other side of the veil.

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Theurgic Dialogue with the Mother

Theurgic Dialogue with the Mother - The Essenes and the Mother, a Story of Love
Olivier Manitara, 165 pages

The Essenes were called "Therapists" because they dedicated their lives to keeping the dialogue with all beings who inhabit the earth alive.
In continuation of this tradition and on the occasion of Essene Initiations in the summer of 2010, Olivier Manitara engages in a dialogue with Mother-Earth and she sends a message filled with wisdom and gentleness, a call to awakening for all beings who aspire to a life in harmony with her.
Table of contents: The Essenes and the Mother, a Story of Love - Message from the Mother to Humanity - Homage to the Stone - The Message from the Mother - The Awakening of the Consciousness - The Dominating Unconscious and the Divine Unconscious - Awaken Through the Study of True Knowledge - Teachings of Archangel Uriel on Consciousness - Exercises to Come into Contact with the Mother - From the Mother to the Master - Enter into Conscious Ignorance.

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The Pyramid of the Initiates

The Pyramid of the Initiates - Build a Bridge Between Heaven and Earth and Restore Access to Divine Knowledge
Olivier Manitara, 178 pages

The pyramid has always been the symbol of light, the awakening of man who approaches the higher worlds, the gods. But how can the pyramid enable man to awaken? This book explains the secrets of the pyramid as they have never been explained before.
- How does the pyramid allow access to the light that enlightens, to the divine knowledge?
- What can we do in our daily lives to lay the stones of this construction of light and so elevate our whole being towards the subtle worlds?
- How, through the art of meditation, can we ourselves become a pyramid placed on Mother-Earth?
You will also discover:
how to concretely recover the creative power of your destiny; how you form a body of Light through the awakening of the eye, the purification of vision; how to take advantage of the end of cycle energy that 2012 brings to create a work of Light; how to enter immortality by awakening the original cell that resides in your heart; how to create a large amount of light cells inside you, which will keep your memory after death, and allow you to return to the path of Light in your next life.
Discover the wisdom of the Essenes, who offer a framework for approaching the higher worlds, not in illusions but in the reality of Mother-Earth, by placing a solid and practical foundation, proven by centuries of tradition.

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Solve and Coagula

Solve and Coagula - The Secrets of the Philosophical Stone
Olivier Manitara, 149 pages

The ancient Egyptians and Greeks, as well as other initiates, knew the secrets of the solve et coagula, this first principle of alchemy whose outcome would be Philosopher's Stone.
In the continuity of the teaching of the tradition of the Light, Olivier Manitara sheds the light of a new day on these two principles of spiritualization and materialization.
You who are looking for the knowledge that enlightens, here you will discover a wisdom that awakens the consciousness and allows one to metamorphose like lead that turns into pure gold.
Table of contents: The Spiritual Alchemy of the Initiates - The Mysteries of the Emerald Tablet - The Quest of the Alchemist - The Secrets of the Sublimation of Matter - The Tree of Life and the Caduceus of Hermes - The Mystical Breath or the Law of Exchanges - The Solve and Coagula of the Essenes - The Symbol of the Philosophical Stone - The Way to Immortality - The Green Stone of Archangel Raphael - The Constitution of the Human Being - The Four Divine Seals - The Divine Seals Represented by Heinrich Khunrath - Reascending Towards the Spirit - The Great Transformation Exercise.

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Alchemy and the Secrets of Androgyny

Alchemy and the Secrets of Androgyny - Climb the Ladder of Evolution and Live with Your Soul
Olivier Manitara, 229 pages

To look for your complementary half is instinctive for man. Since we live in a society that privileges the life of the body to the detriment of that of the soul, we have a tendency to look for this "gentle half" in the outer world, in this way hoping to find serenity, happiness and plenitude.
Olivier Manitara teaches us that true androgyny is a sacred science that consists of balancing our outer and inner life. When man balances these two aspects of his life, the immortal soul appears, which makes him a creator able to give birth to the Light. These are the great secrets of alchemy, of the transmutation of base metals into gold, that is, what leads to death into what opens a world of immortality.
In this book, you will learn how to create harmony in you and around you by balancing and unifying the two halves of your being. You will discover how to become an Essene mage, a being able to sublimate matter and transform energies by making works of the Light appear on the Earth.

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The Path of Enlightenment

The Path of Enlightenment - What Lineage Are You? Abel, Cain or Enoch
Olivier Manitara, 208 pages

We all come from three higher influences. Knowing which lineage we evolve in allows us to understand our way of acting and grasping things.
One path, that of Abel, influences us to become mystics, gentle beings seeking light and appeasement in everything. The path of Cain makes us more concrete beings, whose goal is to touch the earth and carry out works in the world. It is a willful path. The path of Enoch is that of the middle. It is the perfect path that leads men to become true initiates. To be in this lineage gives us the ability to understand the other two paths and in this way become balanced.
One who knows can act; one who is influenced does not direct his life, it is directed.
This book tells the history of these three spiritual lineages of humanity, describes their function and gives the means to put oneself in the middle path in order to work for the humanity of Light and in this way find balance in everything.

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The Sense of Hearing

The Sense of Hearing - Let Wisdom Be Your Inspiration
Olivier Manitara, 152 pages

The ancient Egyptians called the ears "the living ones": through the ear you awaken and you awaken what is eternal in you. The sense of hearing is listening to the divine wisdom as nourishment to create a body of immortality.
It is through hearing that you can understand the great laws of life and the higher worlds. Through the practice of sacred arcana of the sense of hearing, you enter the path of great wisdom.
Table of contents: Lead the Senses Towards the Subtle Worlds - The Education of Man - The Path of Awakening - The Five Kingdoms - The Path of Immortality: Androgyny - The Spirits, Genies and Egregores - The Sense of Wisdom - The Arcana of Hearing - Theurgic Dialogue with the Sole - In the Ocean of Wisdom - Pythagoras and the Music of the Spheres - Words of the Archangels - Meditation of the Sense of Hearing - Reveal the Kingdom of the Angels.

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The Sense of Sight

The Sense of Sight - Taking Care of Others
Olivier Manitara, 198

The first secret of the eye is that it has the magical power to be creator. You create your future with your eye: what you see, you become. Therefore you should not look at just anything.
Through the teachings and exercises contained in this book, your eye can become conscious and have the angelic vision, the inner vision that allows you to see in all worlds. When your eye opens in the angelic world, you recover your destiny and you can then communicate with your soul.
Table of contents: Lead the Senses Towards the Subtle Worlds - The Education of Man - The Path of Awakening - The Five Kingdoms - The Path of Immortality: Androgyny - The Spirits, Genies and Egregores - The Sense of Mutual Support - The Arcana of the Sight - The Vision of the Owl - Possession by the Eye - Mutual Support in the Essene Nation - Words of the Archangels - Meditation on the Sense of Sight - Reveal the Kingdom of the Angels.

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The Sense of Touch

The Sense of Touch - Let Magic Give Power to Your Life
Olivier Manitara, 149 pages

The sense of touch is the magic in you. Page by page you will learn how to unite your life to your soul. You will develop a sensitivity and you will see that everything in you is alive. It is through the inner magic that you can master your life, and for that, you need your sense of touch to be increasingly subtile and pure. You will find the answers in this book. Then the only thing left to do is to have the experience.
Table of contents: Lead the Senses Towards the Subtle Worlds - The Education of Man - The Path of Awakening - The Five Kingdoms - The Path of Immortality: Androgyny - The Spirits, Genies and Egregores - The Sense of Magic - The Arcana of Touch - The School of Magic - Let Yourself be Touched by God - The Art of Conscious Movement - Words of the Archangels - Meditation of the Sense of Touch - Reveal the Kingdom of the Angels.

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The Sense of Taste

The Sense of Taste - Develop Love in All
Olivier Manitara, 140 pages

The perfection of the sense of taste is the thirst for a higher world, a wanting to taste higher consciousness. Developing taste is trying to taste love, taste life, taste the sacred, and raise our soul by nourishing it only with peace and wisdom, the food of the Gods.
This book and the sacred arcana that it presents to you, allow you to taste a knowledge and as yet unknown experiences . . .
Table of contents: Lead the Senses Towards the Subtle Worlds - The Education of Man - The Path of Awakening - The Five Kingdoms - The Path of Immortality: Androgyny - The Spirits, Genies and Egregores - The Sense of Love - The Arcana of Taste - Live with Love - The Sense of Memory and Tradition - The Creative Power of Speech - Sacred Essene Chants and Songs - Words of the Archangels - Meditation of the Sense of Taste - Reveal the Kingdom of the Angels.

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The Sense of Smell

The Sense of Smell - Let Truth Guide your Steps
Olivier Manitara, 150 pages

The Smell is the sense of truth. Awakening the sense of smell is the sacred path to reconnect with the true being that you are for all eternity. This new awareness allows you to see who you are and what you have to do on earth.
A developed sense of smell in the subtle worlds allows you to discover what is hidden behind appearances, to perceive the influences around you, and choose to allow only what has a divine smell and brings harmony in you and around you to enter your life.
This book will help you to feel, to sense what is good and what is bad for you, and, in this way, balance your life.
Table of contents: Lead the Senses Towards the Subtle Worlds - The Education of Man - The Path of Awakening - The Five Kingdoms - The Path of Immortality: Androgyny - The Spirits, Genies and Egregores - The Sense of Truth - Arcana of the Sense of Smell - The Truth, a Path to the Father - The Secrets of the Breath - The Breathing of the Soul - Words of the Archangels - Meditation of the Sense of Smell - Reveal the Kingdom of the Angels.

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The New World - the Advent of the Man-Angel

The New World - the Advent of the Man-Angel
Olivier Manitara, 178 pages

Just as man is influenced by the stars, humanity as a whole is governed by influences and cycles. We have heard many assumptions about the years to come, about the new civilization that should appear, the famous Golden Age.
The New World explains the influences we live under and are directed by, where they lead us and what we should do to not be driven by this whirlwind.
Is our future a technological one? Yes, one doesn't have to be psychic to see it, just look around. But this is not written for all men. The man-Angel, as we call him, is a being who has built a body in his body, a body united with the hierarchy of Angels.
This book will give you the guidance to build this body. It will awaken you to the necessity of taking control now and not allowing worldly influences to lead humanity anymore.
Man can change his destiny provided he changes his conception of things.
What we do today is for the future generations.
So, bequeath the world a divine path for the Light to continue on earth. Because if we let technology become our master, the light will have no place to establish itself.

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Thought in the Subtle Worlds

Thought in the Subtle Worlds - The Invisible Bonds of Daily Life
Olivier Manitara, 186 pages

Our whole life is made up of exchanges, relations that act inside of us as a source of inspiration. But what are these links, how do they operate, are they positive or negative in our life? Everything depends on the quality of your thoughts. You attract to you what you are and can understand.
That is why it is important to know what inspires us, what makes us act, what are the real connections that we have with all these worlds that influence us in our choices and decisions.
Thought is a vehicle that connects us to places, worlds, like antennas that capture the subtlety that is found in our environment.
Fortunately, there are means to domesticate our thought in such a way that it corresponds with our inner desire and not with the unconscious influences of life.

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The 22 Arcana

The 22 Arcana - Method for Liberation from Karma, Based on the 22 Commandments of Archangel Gabriel
Olivier Manitara, 249 pages

The twenty-two arcana taught in this book are wisdom teachings that come from the tradition of the Masters. These movements are sacred and accessible to everyone, containing the secrets for a beautiful life in harmony with the fundamental laws.
Olivier Manitara reveals an ancestral knowledge to us through these arcana that open the door to a new way of living and are part of the global project of the Essene Nation for a real education of man.
Table of contents: The Teaching, Sacred Bond with the Source - The Reconciliation of the Worlds: A Wisdom Transmitted by Archangel Gabriel - The Twenty-two Commandments of Archangel Gabriel: Twenty-two Principles of Life - What is an Arcanum? The Science of Magical Movements - The Essene Tradition: The Tree of Life Amidst the Cosmic Ocean - Ieupaneurythmy: The Art of Meditative Movement - The Alphabet of the Twenty-two Gods: A Carrier of a Higher Wisdom - Words of Archangel Gabriel: Psalms 114 and 134 in Depth - The Method of the Twenty-two Arcana: Commandments, Philosophy and Movements - Pearls of Light: The Wisdom of the Twenty-two Commandments.
Also available for iBooks on iPhone and iPad.

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The Mysteries of the Spirit

The Mysteries of the Spirit - A Teaching of Archangel Michael
Olivier Manitara, 233 pages

In today's world, nothing seems sacred anymore, men have lost the sense of mystery and of the Mysteries, these great initiatory celebrations.
Yet, in past times, humanity knew the wisdom that animates them. The Essenes, thanks to their covenant with the Divine, attempt to bring the sense of mystery into the understanding that man has of life and revive the sacred Mysteries through the Essene Lodges.
In the autumn of 2010, during the celebration of the Round of Archangels, Archangel Michael transmitted a message that contains the secrets for following this path of restoring the Light in the world.
This pearl of wisdom allowed Olivier Manitara to give a series of teachings on the Mysteries of the Spirit, addressed to all those who seek to recover the sense of the sacred.

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The Four Elements

The Four Elements - Live in Harmony with Earth, Water, Air and Fire
Essene Initiations Series
Olivier Manitara, 334 pages

Our body and all of our environment are formed by the four elements: earth, water, air and fire. These four basics of life exist at the same time in the visible dimensions and the more subtle ones. The ancient peoples knew this knowledge, which has ceased to be taught and yet is essential.
We are formed from a body of earth, a body of water, a body of air and a body of fire, which link us to the subtle worlds. By distancing ourselves from living nature, by cutting the link with the Mother-Earth, we have atrophied these bodies in us, which ask only to be reactivated.
In this book you will start to discover the secrets of the Essenes to bring a profound balance in your life through the four elements. It is a healing of the relationship with oneself and the world that surrounds us.

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Mary, the Essene Virgin

Mary, the Essene Virgin
Her Life, her Initiation, her Teaching,
her Departure to the Divine World

by Olivier Manitara

And if the Virgin Mary wasn’t the naive woman established religions have depicted? If, quite on the contrary, she was an Essene initiate, a therapist and an authentic spiritual master? What do we really know of her, called the Mother of God by history?
Thanks to his capacity to go back through the memory of time (akashic records), the author raises a corner of the veil… We then discover completely unknown scenes of her life, her practices and spiritual experiences and we plunge into the heart of her teaching and her interior life.
We would be wrong to consider this remarkable woman as a figure of the past who has nothing else to give to mankind. If we blow away the dust of superstition which covers her, we will discover a jewel capable of enriching our present time... 


Mary, the Essene Virgin

St. John the Essene
The revealed destiny of Saint John the Evangelist,
heir of Christ's secret doctrine

by Olivier Manitara

Owing to The Da Vinci Code, millions of enthusiastic readers have been able to discover that there was a secret history of Christianity, a mysterious lineage which goes back to the era of Jesus. In the face of the immense interest shown to that information, the contemporary Essene School has decided to pass on some elements of the true story of Saint John, the beloved disciple of Christ.
Thanks to the revelations of Olivier Manitara, one discovers why Saint John, Mary Magdalene and Jesus —who were childhood friends— have made a mark in history, and how they have engendered a secret filiation, uninterrupted to the present day.
After the passing of Jesus, the external Church was entrusted to Saint Peter. As for Saint John, he became the carrier of the other face of Christ, of his secret doctrine. He founded a School of Mysteries at Ephesus with the help of the mother of Jesus, Mary, the high Essene initiate.
The author has had access to the timeless archives of the Essene Tradition, also known as the Fifth Gospel. This is how he can offer us these extraordinary revelations on the hidden side of Christianity. 


Click to view larger picture The Essenes -- From Jesus to our Time
by Olivier Manitara

This unique book will truly shed some new light on the mystery surrounding the Essene origins of Jesus. An extremely important book for all those who want to learn more about the birth of Christianity, the Essenes, their way of life.
In fact, almost all of the principal founders of what would later be called "Christianity" were Essenes: not only Jesus, but also St. Ann, Joseph and Mary, John the Baptist, John the Evangelist, and others.

ISBN 1-894341-00-7
Paperback, 5.37" x 8.37", 80 pages

"It's the best book on the Essenes I've ever read. I've just finished devouring it. Others only scratched the surface, and I always knew there was more. I have been searching for these teachings for years. Thanks so much!" A reader from California, USA.

"Wow. I really don't understand how anyone can miss the love and energy behind the words of this short, but beautiful little book. Reading it was like coming home. The author revealed himself to me with such clarity, simplicity and authenticity that I think it would be impossible for anyone with the same lineage to doubt his or her heritage or membership in the invisible School. It filled my being with Ancient Remembrance and Divine Peace. All is well. Thank you, Oliver Manitara, my eternal Brother. I, too, have a Vision for Humanity." A reader from New Mexico, USA.

" I do enjoy Olivier's work.  He speaks a special way.  He speaks the gentle language.  He reminds us of things we have forgotten.  He speaks of things we have not heard.  He speaks to our Heart." A reader from Australia.

"I have just finished reading your most wonderful book on the Essenes.  I have felt a connection to the Essenes all my life and reading this book confirmed my own belief system.  I am interested in ordering three more copies of The Essenes." A reader from Arizona, USA.

" My deepest gratitude to Olivier Manitara for his dedication to the Brotherhood-Sisterhood.  To have been led to Olivier's work at this point in my journey has been such a blessing!  Reading his books has been like receiving a letter from "home"." A reader from Oregon, USA.

" I know in my heart that I have been directed by the Light to your web site.  It could only be this way because until now I was not familiar with your books, work, or web site.  A few days ago while researching some materials online, I simply "landed" unexpectedly in your web site without me even knowing how did it actually happen.  But it did.  I found “The Essenes” extremely interesting, very inspiring, absolutely right for the present times that humanity is living, and in harmony with a Higher Purpose." A reader from Florida, USA.

" I recently purchased, read, and ADORED “The Essenes” book and have now ordered “Peace: New Method, New Light”.  Wonderful stuff!!!" A reader from Maryland, USA.

Table of contents:
1 - The Secret of the Essene Brotherhood
2 - The Organization of Essene Life
3 - Contact With the Universal Brotherhood
4 - St. John and the Light of the Authentic Christ
5 - The Beautiful Days of Life
6 - Only God Is Good
7 - The Essene Principles and Rules of Life
8 - The Contemporary Essene School

How to order:
This book is available at fine bookstores. We encourage you to support your local bookseller.

About the author

Olivier Manitara was born in France, on July 15th, 1964, in the small town of Vire, Normandy. He grew up into a consumer society where the children take refuge inside supermarkets, the last "cultural areas" of a world deprived of profound values and authentic spirituality.

Olivier Manitara will later present himself as a "child of Carrefour (the French Wal-Mart)". Never receiving any religious formation, it is while reading, at a very young age, the sacred texts of humanity that he discovers on his own the existence of a primordial Tradition that is common to every world tradition.

He will later call it the Essene Tradition, carried through all ages by the Essene People, also known as the Children of the Light, notably in the Dead Sea scrolls, discovered in Palestine in the middle of the last century.

From the youngest age, Olivier Manitara has mystical experiences and makes discoveries that tightly correspond to those of the great wise men and authentic guides of humanity who gave consistence to the universal Tradition of the Essenes.

From then on, this tradition becomes for him like a loving mother that nourishes his inner life and shows him the way to beauty, to dignity, to audacity and to greatness throughout the lives of the great Masters of the Essene Tradition such as Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Mani…

The young Olivier does not yet realize that he is the only hope for this millennial tradition on the verge of extinction, and rightly so… The last three great representatives of the Essene Tradition: the Masters Rudolf Steiner, Peter Deunov and Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov have been wrongly persecuted and limited to no end in their actions of which the only motivation was their love for humanity and the earth and a determined will to bring back their original dignity. Olivier Manitara would be no exception to the rule and will have to confront some very hard initiations, and will vanquish them all, like all the Fathers and Mothers of the Essene Tradition had to do before him. In this fashion, he climbs all the initiatic steps toward divine mastery and becomes, in time, a Father of the Essene Tradition, a genuine Master, a guide and a benefactor for mankind.

Recognized as such by the keepers of his tradition among many cultures, in 2007 he becomes the founding Father of the Essene Nation and the world representative of the Essene People. In the year 2000, he brings a considerable contribution to the reconciliation of cultures and interreligious dialog by creating the pictorial series of Men-Gods. Throughout this universal work, all the cultural traditions are honoured and reunified to their original source. This is one of the most important humanitarian works, at a time when some intelligence would want to standardize everything and take mankind away from its true roots and profound values.

In 2006, through his alliance with the four Archangels who created the universe and inspired the creation of the greatest human civilizations, Olivier Manitara creates the Circle of the Archangels. This is the birth of a new way of being in the world, a new art of living in harmony with nature, the universe and the divine world through a universal practice, and knowledge, that completely revolutionize contemporary religion and spirituality.

This Circle of the Archangels is giving birth to a new Gospel: "the Essene Gospel of the Archangels". This Gospel marks a decisive and irreversible pivot in the Essene Tradition and the start of a new era for mankind and the world as a whole.

A foreground cultural creative, active messenger of the Proclamation for Peace recognized by UNESCO, Olivier Manitara is also a unique artist. He is the author and writer of hundreds of songs, melodies and sacred dances… Those are true masterpieces that compose links in the chain of works of the great souls who allied themselves to a divine world out of pure love for mankind and the earth; to bring there the harmony of the cosmos and balance the disharmony in which mankind is immerged. Thus, this sublime work represents a large contribution to the world heritage of Wisdom and a precious legacy for the future generations and all the world traditions.

In 2002, he creates the Energy Mandalas. This is the emergence of a new Feng Shui, totally revolutionary and perfectly adapted to our time and the occidental civilization. This new occidental Feng Shui is to be found in full achievement in the Essene Villages, true sanctuaries for Mother Earth where all the kingdoms of nature are respected and honoured for what they are: friends of mankind on the path to the evolution of consciousness and the ennoblement of the soul.

The Essene Villages, a foreground humanitarian and ecological work were also inspired by Olivier Manitara to become havens of peace and harmony in the heart of the growing and invading desert of the modern world. The Essene Villages compose the indispensable and pacific countervailing power, preserving the opportunity, that is getting ever rarer, to be able to live another life in conformation to most profound aspirations of the human being.

Thus, since the creation of the Essene Nation, Olivier Manitara travels the world to bring the good news about the possibility of another life to all those who still have the courage to get up and unite in mutual support to give birth to another future for mankind and the earth. Not only does he talk about it by transmitting the wisdom and the precious know-how of the Essene… Everywhere he goes, he concretely works to build another future by creating Essene Villages.

All around the colossal works of Olivier Manitara (author of 40 books and 150 formative works, and more than 1000 improvised conferences about the most varied subjects, reaching through all the areas around the life of mankind and that of the earth with a totally innovating point of view but still based on millennial wisdom), was created the Essenia Foundation in Canada that works for the diffusion and safekeeping of the Essene Wisdom all around the world. Recognized as a charitable organization by the Canadian government, the Essenia Foundation is a profoundly humanitarian and ecological work by its implementation of the Essene Wisdom and its concretization through the Essene Villages.

For more information about Olivier Manitara's works: www.en.oliviermanitara.org.

This website is operated totally voluntarily in order to spread the precious teachings of the Essene Tradition.

Contact us. Visit also www.en.oliviermanitara.org
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