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With Olivier Manitara, representative of the Contemporary Essene Nation

All the beauty and wealth of the Essene wisdom will be taught to you.
Olivier Manitara

Sacred Fire


- An introduction to the Essene therapies
- Essene teachings so that you may walk unto the path of Light
- Meditations so that you may nourish yourself from the Earth, our Mother and from the higher world, our Father
- Songs to call and feel the presence of the Angels and of the ether of Light
- Initiation to dances so that you become harmonized with the rhythms and the sacred energies of Nature
- Unique techniques that allow you to enter into a relationship with our brothers the animals, our friends the vegetal and our protectors the mineral
- Circles of reflections, discussions and sharing that allow us to create a new human earth where it feels good to live on Earth
- Celebrations, holidays, love, joy, days filled with living teaching, conscious observations that bring peace, fulfillment and a new wave for a positive and creative life


The Essene Village of the Maple in Cookshire is located on a 250 acres domain. Come and discover its 7 lakes, free animals visiting the grounds and a magnificent forest, which is preserved.
It is a true cure of replenishment, health and beauty…

Come one day, two days, 15 days, as you wish, alone or with the family.
Come and discover a new way to live one’s life.
Come and taste the light and the gentleness of the Essene Village in Cookshire.

Take the opportunity for your vacation and recharge yourself with energy and light that it is at the physical, mental or spiritual level.
Essene Village of Cookshire
Essene Village of Cookshire

Pier Antoine & Claire

"After many years of searching for the ideal life, we have found Olivier. Pier Antoine discovered him through one of his books and I found him ten years ago during one of his conferences. We both said “wow”. Finally, we had met the person who could explain with clarity what to do in order to be happy in our daily lives by simple but efficient methods.
Our first experience with the Circle of the Archangels has allowed us to understand that there is truly another way to live and think.
This soul-searching has brought us discernment and allowed us to choose well what we deeply desire in our life. By carrying an angel or a daily virtue, we never feel alone. We understand that by supporting the divine world, the divine world supports us.
What a joy!"
Pier Antoine & Claire.

In the Eastern Townships, Quebec, Canada
With the presence of Olivier Manitara, Essene Minister

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345 Brochu, Cookshire-Eaton (QC) J0B 1M0, Canada
Email: essenes@essenespirit.com

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