Hermes Thoth Trismegistus, Messenger of the Gods
Hermes Thoth (painting and invocation)
© Copyright 1998-2010, Olivier Manitara
All rights reserved worldwide

Hermes Thoth, guardian of the Atlantes’ antique knowledge, is the first God-man to hand on the principles of knowledge through the hieroglyphs, the sacred language and sanctified books.  He is the Trismegistus, the three times Great by his control of the three worlds of the body, the heart and the spirit.  Hermes Thoth is the messenger of the Gods, bearing towards them all the prayers of human beings.  His presence favors inspiration, the development of divine intelligence, and clairvoyance which enables one to direct one’s life well and to avoid the traps of ignorance.  Hermes Thoth is the dispenser of all the virtues. 

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