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Essene Gospels
of the Archangels

Essene Gospel Volume 1

Essene Gospel of Archangel Michael: Find Your Own Path - The True Values of Life
137 pages

Table of contents:
Introduction: Archangel Michael and the Rebellious Angels
Psalms 1 to 22 of Archangel Michael:
1- Live in the Present. 2- Living with an Open Heart. 3- The Secret of Perfection. 4- Realize Your Ideal. 5- Fundamental Laws to Communicate with the Divine. 6- The Path of Liberation. 7- Preserve the Intimacy of Your Secret Chamber. 8- From Illusion to Reality. 9- Become Who You Are. 10- Be a Precious Stone. 11- Be Responsible for Your Actions. 12- The Strength of the Stag. 13- Learn to Look. 14- Faithfulness. 15- Let Love Be Your Driving Force. 16- Respect All Beings. 17- Living and Acting with Joy. 18- The Book of Life. 19- Be Like a Mother. 20- Man Is a Magus. 21- The Protection of Gentleness. 22- Find Your Own Path.
Conclusion: The Circle of the Servants of the Divine Flame

"Do not do things because you have to do them, for in this way you will lose all the benefits. Open your heart, your strength, your consciousness and your mind; be active, but happy.
It is a real calamity for man to do things only out of duty and obligation, because in this way he cuts himself off from life. He must do things because he firmly believes that it is right, necessary and vital; it is this conviction that will open the doors of life, Light and strength to him."

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Essene Gospel Volume 2

Essene Gospel of Archangel Gabriel: The Secret of the Three Worlds - The Liberation of the Soul
142 pages

Table of contents:
Introduction: Archangel Gabriel Through the Ages
Psalms 1 to 24 of Archangel Gabriel:
1- The Secret of the Three Worlds. 2- Approaching the Divine World. 3- Healing Relationships Through Warmth and Exchange. 4- Be Considerate and Active. 5- Unite to Act Concretely. 6- Live Like a Tree. 7- The World of the Moon, the Stars and the Fairies. 8- Life Is a Celebration. 9- Commit Yourself. 10- When the Creature Becomes a Creator. 11- Living in Harmony with the Universe. 12- In Spirit and in Truth. 13- Live in Your Body, and not for Your Body. 14- Know What You Want and Organize Your Life. 15- Trust Your Heart. 16- Be Conscious of Your Healing Power. 17- The Method of the Twenty-one Days. 18- The Man of Chance and the Man of Opportunity. 19- The Art of Mastering the Light and Dark. 20- Taste the Fruit to Know Its Flavour. 21- Do not Be Afraid to Lose by Giving. 22- The Importance of Work on Oneself. 23- Welcome the Divine in Your Life. 24- May Love Surround You.
Conclusion: The Science of the Liberation of the Soul, a Gift of Archangel Gabriel

"On the earth, become great like a tree. A tree is majestic, strong, resistant; it welcomes all the phenomena of life. When a bird comes to rest on its branches, when it sings in its leaves, when it eats its fruits,when the it makes a nest, the tree is in an inner state of happiness. Man, you who resembles a tree, look within and discover all the grandeur and beauty that exists. Do not look only at the roots which are proper to man, but concentrate on the top of your being and live there. You will live in the immensity. May the Angels look at you and consider you as wonderful and great."

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Essene Gospel Volume 3

Essene Gospel of Archangel Raphael: Breathe with the Angels - The Breath of Life
189 pages

Table of contents:
Introduction: The Divine World Requires Purity and Respect
Psalms 1 to 23 of Archangel Raphael:
1- Breathe with the Angels. 2- The Path of Your Prayer. 3- You Sow Your Future. 4- The Secret of the Green Stone. 5- From the Fear of Death to Eternal Life. 6- A Lesson in Awakening. 7- Stand Ready to Welcome the Light. 8- The Thought of Wisdom. 9- Listen to the Spirit of the Air. 10- Do not Stay Alone, Unite. 11- The Magic of Blessing. 12- Turn Your Life Into a Garden of Light. 13- Awaken Great Clarity in Yourself. 14- Man Is the Kite of Life. 15- The Perfect Marriage of Spirit and Matter. 16- The Secret of the Eagle. 17- Your Body Is a Precious Gift. 18- The Temple of Meditation. 19- Man Must Be Aware of His Spiritual Associations. 20- The Sacred Flame of Enthusiasm. 21- Be Light as a Butterfly. 22- How to Heal One's Ancestral Memories. 23- The Pure Breath of the High Summits.
Conclusion: The Wonders of the Covenant of Light

"If you want to enter into the world of the Angels, you have to learn to breath with your soul, by exhaling everything that is the greatest, purest, and most beautiful in you. Then it is possible to speak with the divine beings who live in these worlds and even manage to realize your wishes by the means of prayer, meditation and magic. Above all, you can capture a new atmosphere, a new breath, that will purify and ennoble your respiratory sphere, enlightening your consciousness and allowing your steps to follow another path of destiny."

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Essene Gospel Volume 4

Essene Gospel of Archangel Uriel: You Are the Hope of a World - To Live in Plenitude
156 pages

Table of contents:
Introduction: Uriel, the Divine Light
Psalms 1 to 24 of Archangel Uriel:
1- Discover Your Own Story. 2- Be Light to Reach the Goal of Your Life. 3- Angel or Animal? 4- Find the Quintessence of Things and Put It into Practice. 5- The Magical Place in You. 6- Like a River That Flows on the Earth. 7- Become Nourishment and Comfort for the Angels. 8- A Key to Free Oneself from Suffering. 9- The Contradictions of Men. 10- The Path of the Fruit Tree. 11- You Are the Hope of the World. 12- The Oil of Uriel and the New Covenant. 13- The Secret of Plenitude Is in Perseverance. 14- Turn Your Daily Life into a Work of Art. 15- Gathering the Conditions of Happiness. 16- Regain Confidence and Fulfil Your Destiny. 17- Seek Perfection in Everything. 18- From Survival to the True Life. 19- Contemplate Nature and Become Unshakeable. 20- Silence, the Divine Language. 21- The Trap of Lying. 22- Stable as a Mountain, Alive as a Tree, Loving as an Animal. 23- Preserve Your Inner Garden. 24- You Are Important.
Conclusion: From Slavery to Inner Freedom

"Man, you who seek the meaning of life, who seek to be something other than what has been made of you, here is a first rule: lightness. Lightness in relations, lightness in what you are yourself while accepting to be a stone in need of polishing, lightness in your rising. Do not become tense by wanting to attain results and being afraid to fail. Lightness is what weaves its way everywhere and always reaches its goal. Lightness in what you are with the other: such is the inner perfection of the man-man and the man becoming God."

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