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Essene Baptism & Liberation of the Soul
Archangel Gabriel's Celebration

The awakening of the life of the soul is primordial in man’s life. According to the teaching of the Essenes, if one does not live accordingly to what was foreseen for its incarnation, the soul sacrifices itself and becomes atrophied into the physical body. This duality creates sufferings and diseases. Since the beginning of time, the Essenes have been celebrated therapists and today they work with the energies of Archangel Gabriel to reconnect man with his eternal soul.


In its essence, the soul is the spouse of the divine spirit. It keeps in memory all the experiences and knowledge that man has acquired on Earth. The soul comes like a guiding Light. It incarnates with man from his first breath and remains very present in the first months of his life. With time, the child’s soul is exposed to all kinds of influences that permeate the etheric water that surrounds it (its aura). The transparency of this water is vital: if it is pure, the soul can connect with man. If man listens to his soul, it allows him to awake in a higher consciousness and brings him happiness and plenitude.

If man’s thoughts, feelings and impressions which he is living at each moment of his life are cloudy, they are printed on the subtle substance of its soul and can go as far as to smother the soul and live in its place. It is very rare these days to reach an adult age while keeping a contact with one’s soul… The soul sacrifices itself and becomes a prisoner of the body. It suffers of not being able to have a conscious contact with man. Being unable to find his place, man is lost and the divine world cannot come on Earth to accomplish the work of Light.


The Essenes, called "therapists", know the secret of the liberation of the soul by the water element. Water represents life, purity, love, harmony and healing. Its colour is blue, the blue of the ocean but also the blue of the sky. It is an expression that we use when we say "an ocean of love", "the river of life".

Man must learn not to cloud the water of his thoughts, relations, feelings, and life, but alone, he cannot do much. Especially as today, this soul within and around him is polluted by negative thoughts and exterior influences linked to a technologic environment, television, visual and sound aggressions, conflicts with people close to you, family, and work.

The opportunity of the Essene baptism that is offered once more at this time will give man the necessary impulse to start a more conscious life, turned this time toward his soul. This powerful method allows one who becomes conscious that his life is not in harmony with his ideal of light to reconnect to the divine source and find within and around himself the clarity and purity which his soul needs to guide him.

Archangel Gabriel is connected to Water in the Essene Tradition

The method of the Essene Baptism allows the soul to become once more the intermediary between spirit and man. It lifts up the veil that holds the soul prisoner. Once the soul is liberated, it becomes a link with the subtle and divine worlds, a genuine bridge of Light allowing direct access to the divine source as well as to direct knowledge, to the luminous path that brings happiness. The Essene baptism is lived at different levels according to one’s degree of commitment and preparation. This is why it is very possible to do it many times in one’s life, so that you may increase the Light of the soul within yourself.

The first level allows one to be conscious that one carries within oneself a beautiful light and a purity of the soul. It is a life and sensitivity that are greater than the body and the life of the body.

The second level is to become conscious that we truly carry a soul within like a mother carries a child and that we must take care and feed it, so it may grow and develop itself.

The third level is to be carried by the soul, inspired by it, and let it guide one’s life and act with a great trust, clear discernment, and serene attitude.

The fourth step is to be one with the soul and to prepare the union with the Light of the Spirit. It is the level of the School of mysteries and the secrets of the Father’s Kingdom. The door of this level is called the Circle of the Archangels.

With the presence of Olivier Manitara, Essene Master

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