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Two CDs set: "Jesus and the Essenes"
by Olivier Manitara

2 CDs Set: Jesus and The Essenes, by Olivier Manitara

This 2 CDs set contains two lectures by Olivier Manitara read by Richard Royds.

First lecture:
Who Were The Essenes? -- Jesus and the Experience Which Revealed His Mission
In this unique lecture, Olivier Manitara—thanks to his capacity to go back through the memory of time (Akashic Records)—raises a corner of the veil of the mystery which covers the Essenes and the training of Jesus. It reveals a great Essene technique, which led Jesus to discover his mission.
Playing time: 46'00''

Second lecture:
Jesus: Initiation Into The Interior Light
This is an extremely powerful lecture which sheds light on a profound secret of initiation within the inner mysteries of the Essene Tradition. A gripping teaching which can help anyone on the path to the inner light.
Playing time: 26'00''

ISBN: 0-9754562-0-2
Retail price: $18.95 US

How to order:
Available through your local bookstore through New Leaf Distributing.
You may order online through PayPal secure system:

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Retail price of the 2 CDs set: $18.95 US
Shipping and handling for US mailing addresses: $3.00 US
Shipping and handling for other countries: $4.50 US

You may also order by using this form: just print it out and mail it along with your check or money order:
Telesma, 2303 Branded Drive, Cottonwood, AZ 86326, USA
(Please make the check or money order payable to "Telesma").

The 2 CDs set will be sent to you within 24 hours following the reception of your order.

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Excerpted from The Essenes and the lessons by Olivier Manitara.

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