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Lectures by Olivier Manitara
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Olivier Manitara gave hundreds of lectures. More than 2000 are available in French.
We are happy to make these 7 lectures available for our English speaking friends.
Thank you so much to all those who help us in our huge translation work.

This website is operated totally voluntarily in order to spread the precious teachings of the Essene Tradition.

The Influence of the Spirits of Nature

In "The Influence of the Spirits of Nature on Man's Life", Olivier Manitara deals with the following subjects:

What are the spirits of nature? -- Everything is living -- The spirits of nature are removed from the social climate -- How to respect the spirits of nature and how to live in harmony with them -- The story of the hermit in the mountains -- How a fairy, the spirit of a spring appeared to him and impregnated his soul -- How the spirits of nature influence human beings -- We need a living, dynamic ecology -- How to heal the spirits of nature who fell ill because of the unbalanced life of human beings in our time.

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In "Who Were The Essenes? -- Jesus and the Experience Which Revealed His Mission", Olivier Manitara -- thanks to his capacity to go back through the memory of time (Akashic Records) -- raises a corner of the veil which covers the Essenes and the training of Jesus.

Table of contents:
The Essenes saw that nature is inhabited by God: the maternal side, the Mother, and the paternal side, the Father -- Nature is a living book -- Who are the Essenes? -- The Essenes knew how to protect homes, families, fields -- An Essene is only interested in life -- Jesus was trained by the Essenes -- The great Essene technique -- Jesus and the experience which revealed his mission -- How to become an Essene?

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The Newfound Teachings of Mary Magdalene

In "The Newfound Teachings of Mary Magdalene", Olivier Manitara deals with the following subjects:

The Historical Truth about Mary Magdalene Distorted -- St. John the Evangelist and Mary Magdalene: The Two Closest Disciples of Jesus -- Mary Magdalene Was an Essene -- The Teachings of Mary Magdalene about the Adulterous Soul and its Liberation -- Her Vision of an Eternal and Pure Realm -- "Everything that Is Composed Will Be Decomposed" -- The Seven Devils Dismissed from Mary Magdalene -- The Science of the Auras and Atmospheres -- The Deep Meaning of the Oil Poured on the Feet of Jesus -- How to Reinforce Mary Magdalene's Teachings.

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"Jesus: Initiation into the Interior Light" is an extremely powerful lecture which sheds light on a profound secret of initiation within the inner mysteries of the Essene Tradition.

Table of contents:
The secret meetings organized by Jesus -- The opposition is needed to climb towards the heavens -- Man is between two fires: a fire that leads to beauty, to goodness, to joy, to wisdom, and a fire that leads towards ignorance, weakness, anger -- The initiation to the interior light given by the Master Jesus -- The darkness, the night, is that which prepares the light -- The only response: turn on the light -- Abandon the fire of devouring passions and of war, and transform it to one of passion for the love of God.

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Peter Deunov, Master of the Essene Brotherhood

Albert Einstein said of Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno): “The whole world bows down before me; I bow down before the Master Peter Deunov from Bulgaria ”.

In "Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno), His Successive Lives", Olivier Manitara explores the successive lives of this great spiritual Master who has and is still accompanying humanity over the last several thousand years.

Table of contents:
Authentic Masters Are Doors To The Heavenly Jerusalem -- Why The Master Omraam Michael Aivanhov Wrote The Puranas Of India -- The Master Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno) In Egypt, In Greece, In Palestine, In Tibet, And In Persia -- Biography Of The Master Beinsa Douno (1864-1944).

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How to Enter into the Awareness of Archangel Michael

In "How to Enter into the Awareness of Archangel Michael", Olivier Manitara deals with the following subjects:

The Love Of The Divine In Everything -- The Behavior We Should Have Toward The Evil, The Human, And The Divine -- The Archangel Michael Bears The Fire Of Divine Love -- How Michael Transmits Fire To Humanity -- The Sword Of Light Of Archangel Michael -- How To Enter Into The Awareness Of Archangel Michael -- The Look Of Archangel Michael Reveals The Origin Of Man -- The Vision Of The Invisible Forces That Influence Humanity.

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The Prayer Of Women

Excerpted from "The Prayer of Women":

I have often been surprised by the power of the prayer of women. But then, how many times have I seen it, especially when a woman prays for her children! What often amazed me -- because I have often experienced it -- is that it had a knock-on effect on three, four, five, six generations. This means that one sees the result of the prayers of women for their children for generations and generations after, and that really is something which often amazed me, because of course I believe in the power of prayer, I believe in the power of thoughts, I believe in the power of the heart, of man's strengths. I believe in all these powers, of course, but to see it, to be always aware of it, like in this case, how it acts -- as I say, several generations after -- that is an amazing thing.

Women were praying to protect their children, they were going into the churches, these are things that nowadays make people laugh a little, nobody believes in that anymore. One does not believe in the power of prayer anymore: to light a small candle, to kneel down, and to pray to the Virgin Mary; that is what women were doing some time ago. To pray to the Virgin, to say: "You who have had a child, protect my child, protect my child!"

Yes, well these prayers had a knock-on effect, a real knock-on effect. I have also seen a young woman who had a car accident, her life was spared because four generations prior to that, the mother was praying to the Virgin, was lighting candles and it is absolutely not stupid to do these things. One sees how the act of a man -- in this case that of a woman -- works to protect people, generations after. I call this love, I call this something beautiful, I call this a good way of being in the world, of protecting the Earth...

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