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The Influence of the Spirits of Nature
Excerpt: The story of the Hermit in the Mountains

I’m going to tell you a story that I thought about again a few days ago. This is a very old story; it goes back before the time of Jesus. It takes place possibly in the Caucasus mountains, or in the mountains near Turkey. There was a man who was living like a hermit. One day, he decided to cross a chain of mountains and to go on his way. He began walking in the mountains. He was not at all familiar with the region. He ate the insects, plants, fruit, berries, and the like that he picked up along the way.

At some point, he ran out of water. His entire water supply was exhausted. He walked on and tried to quench his thirst by eating, but he was starting to need water. He saw that he could not stay where he was. He had to move; and since he was in the mountains, he had to climb upwards. And, still, there was no water! He was becoming dehydrated. He’d been without water for a great many days. He was starting to become delirious. He thought of water constantly. At night, when he slept, he dreamed that he was in water, that he was swimming in a lake. He watched all these things; they lived within his soul. He was going crazy during the day. Endlessly he thought about water. He walked and he walked… he was becoming an automaton. He didn’t even think anymore. He fell occasionally in difficult spots, scraping and wounding himself. But he no longer even took any notice of that. His only objective was water.

We can certainly imagine this man and look at him. We can certainly put ourselves in his place, in the mountains, walking. It was very difficult, we would become like automatons. And yet this would be to see only one part of the world…

There was a spring there in a particular place. It was a secret, hidden spring. A spring that no one knew about. It was in a very isolated place. In the past, some men had known about it. In this spring, there was a being of the water, a fairy. This being of the water began to notice this man. Because this man thought only about water. The being of the water began approaching this man at night and talking to him in his dreams. It entered him and showed him the way. It called to him. It was like a song, a melody, a sound. It lived inside his soul, but he was totally unaware of it.

He began directing his steps toward this place. This being was merciful. It wanted to save this man. This being of the water fell in love with the man. It began to find this man full of love and it loved him. It found this man luminous. It was entranced by him. In its eyes, this man was something charming. With all its heart, it wanted to save his life. It put all of its energy into helping him. It called to him like the sirens’ songs. The man, slipping more and more into an altered state, walked towards the spring. He was inspired. He didn’t know it, but he was inspired.

It was like he was being fed from within. He walked and walked, he had strength. And then he found the spring. He came to the spring. When he saw the water, he drank the water. He had his fill of water. He let it flow inside of him.

What happened at that moment, there within his inner being was that – through this fairy, this transparent being of the water, who called to him and loved him – he drank the water into his body, of course. But he also drank the water into his soul and it was as if his soul had awakened, and he became transparent. He saw the being that had entered him. He woke up during the night. He saw that, during the night, a being was coming inside him. This was a shock. He was illuminated. In reality, he went a little crazy. He stayed at this spring for months and months to drink, to sing, and to see this water that was coming into him. The world of the Spirit was talking to him. This fairy was talking to him. He entered the spiritual world and he understood the secrets of his soul and of eternal life. He was in ecstasy. He heard poetry and music.

This began to radiate around him. Even animals came towards him. It is as if he was beside himself with the spirit of God. He saw things; he was transparent.

Many legends come from this man I’ve told you about. After, people spoke of the spirits of nature who seek to fuse with men. Even the original Rose+Cross talked extensively about this, about the spirits of nature who seek to mix in with men. They talked about this being, this fairy who married this man.

This man and this fairy brought forth plenty of children all around, in other words, a climate. They created a spiritual climate, a kind of social climate. In every direction, it radiated! They brought plenty of children into the world, which means that they gave birth to ideas, impulses, and forces of life. Men began to dream about this man, in the valley. They were inspired by him.

They went into the mountains and they found the path. An initiatic school was built in that place. That school has grown in size. Many men have come to drink this water because it is said that this water works miracles. By drinking this water, men could attain the secrets of God. They worshipped this water. They made it into a kind of goddess. They built a temple. They came more and more. Priests came to take in this revelation. This created an entire culture. This influenced an entire culture.

Beings went back down into the valley. They talked about life, love, friendship, real things, the forces of life. A culture appeared, an entire social climate, and this changed the life of an entire group of people. Progressively, this had a colossal influence.

Simply because one man thirsted with his entire being. And when he drank the water, he did not simply drink the water; he drank in the spirit of the water. He came into contact, he made an alliance with the spirits of nature who tell men how they should live.

This does not mean that the spirits of nature have to tell men how they must live. Man also has his share in this. This is friendship, brotherhood!

The Influence of the Spirits of Nature

In "The Influence of the Spirits of Nature on Man's Life", Olivier Manitara deals with the following subjects:

What are the spirits of nature? -- Everything is living -- The spirits of nature are removed from the social climate -- How to respect the spirits of nature and how to live in harmony with them -- The story of the hermit in the mountains -- How a fairy, the spirit of a spring appeared to him and impregnated his soul -- How the spirits of nature influence human beings -- We need a living, dynamic ecology -- How to heal the spirits of nature who fell ill because of the unbalanced life of human beings in our time.

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