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      Psalm 1 of Archangel Gabriel - The Secret of the 3 Worlds

      Gospel of Archangel Gabriel Psalm 1 Gabriel, eternal Father of water and of the fecundation of Light, want to speak to man like a shower that comes down and cleanses him. I also want to speak to him like the Light that comes to incarnate on the physical plane.Below the divine world,...

      Psalm 1 of Archangel Raphael - Breathe with the angels

      Gospel of Archangel Raphael Psalm 1 Know that the beings who walk towards the awakening of the Light aspire to the breath of eternal life, whether consciously or unconsciously. Have they really understood the meaning of this breath? And have they gone further into the mysteries of breathing?

      Psalm 1 of Archangel Uriel - Discover your own history

      Gospel of Archangel Uriel Psalm 1 The vision of the Father and the Mother needs to be clear in man.

      Psalm 251 of Archangel Gabriel - You Shall not Look at What You Must not Look at

      Gospel of Archangel Gabriel Psalm 251 The green stone that I have offered to the Essenes and that you have used to symbolize the presence of the Angel and the Archangel is an absolute truth. ...