The initiation of the mother

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How to meet her ? Don't read this bookif you don't want to be shaken,if you don't want to question yourself,if you don't want to open up.to a higher intelligence.God, through the Mother,is about reality,not to pet you.and fall asleep with illusions of yourself,but to straighten you outand show you...


How to meet her ?

Don't read this book
if you don't want to be shaken,
if you don't want to question yourself,
if you don't want to open up.
to a higher intelligence.
God, through the Mother,
is about reality,
not to pet you.
and fall asleep with illusions of yourself,
but to straighten you out
and show you a path of truth
and wisdom that will shake up
your deepest convictions.
Table of Contents
  • Note of the hierogrammatics
  • The wisdom of the 4 magical elements
    • The Earth of the first time for a rebirth of humanity
  • Historical background
    • I am the real and I awaken to the real
    • The path to the covenant with God the Mother and her initiation
  • The announcement of the initiation to the Mother
    • The Mother's Circle
  • The path of great transformation
    • The keys to Mother's initiation
  • The science of the 4 bodies
    • The 4 bodies are the foundation of existence
  • The statue of God the Mother, a powerful talisman
    • Through this statue, you have really made Me appear
    • Entering the heart of Mother's initiation
    • Keeping his 4 bodies alive
  • Self-deprivation
    • The 4 bodies, organs of perception and communication
  • You are a being of nature
    • Knowing what you are, being it and implementing it
  • The way out of suffering
    • The encounter between God the Mother and her initiates
  • You must experience the new
    • I am the life that gives birth and wisdom
  • Keep alive the magical bond with God the Mother
  • Going out of yourself to recognize yourself A masterful recovery
    • You don't know each other
  • Be filled with what you are and what you have
    • Do not want to be outside of who you are
  • Understand the essence of the 4 bodies
    • Awaken the bodies and take them back into your hands
  • Know your body and return to the centre of your authentic being
  • Knowing and using the body in reality
  • Get moving to honour what you have received
    • The experience is beyond all
  • The laws of nature to produce wealth
    • You are no different from a stone, a plant or an animal
  • Testimonials
    • Meeting with the Mother
    • The initiation to the Mother
  • The continuation of the path of initiation
  • The Angel of God expresses himself on the covenant with the Mother
    • The Land of Light is on its way
  • God the Mother takes up the great vow of Archangel Michael
    • No more war
  • Light the fire of devotion to Archangel Michael
    • The fire of devotion
  • Conclusion
  • The Essenes today
  • To participate in the work of the Essenes
  • Resources for further study
    • Conferences