The Circle of the Archangels: Archangel Gabriel's Celebration
The Round of Archangels

The Circle of the Archangels: Archangel Gabriel's Celebration

Archangel Gabriel

Gabriel is the Archangel connected to family, birth, and the mysteries of life within the soul and relations. He is found in the sacred texts of all religions. He is the Archangel who stood beside the Virgin Mary at the birth of Jesus.

He is connected to water in the Essene tradition:
- Water in nature: water from a source, water from a lake, water that gives life and quenches the thirst of Earth and man.
- Also, water in a more subtle aspect: a subtle water that runs between all beings through relations, exchanges and communication.

Now in our everyday life, this water of relations, this soul within and around us is polluted by negative thoughts connected to a technological environment, to television, to acoustic and visual aggressions, to conflicts in our relations with others, our family and our work.

Archangel Gabriel’s presence will allow you to become conscious of these exterior pollutions and help you to take back your life into your own hands so that you are no longer invaded. Therefore, you may create and co-create harmonious relations with yourself, your family, between husband and wife and with your environment.

The Essene Baptism

During our celebration we welcome Archangel Gabriel around a permanent source placed in a sacred temple and attended for four days with the highest respect. At the conclusion of the celebration you could receive, if you so desire, the Essene baptism that allows the liberation of the soul.

In practice, water, consecrated by Archangel Gabriel’s presence, is poured on the head. It allows the purification of your soul cleansing the impurities of the unconscious world, technology and noise. Your soul frees itself from these weights and gives you back an incredible feeling of lightness, well-being and mastery of the self in all areas of your life. It is a wonderful experience accessible to all participants.

In order to retain the benefits of this work when you return home, we are proposing purification techniques, methodical work and tools to protect and fortify, this not only for yourself but also for the people that surround you. This work is listed as the most complete method in the "Circle of the Archangels".

Archangel Gabriel is connected to Water in the Essene Tradition The "Circle of the Archangels"

The "Circle of the Archangels" is a unique Essene technique that has been an existence for a few years in France, Canada and Africa, now made possible through time-honoured tradition. It touches hundreds of people’s lives who see this as a life transforming experience.

This new method offers you the possibility to create an alliance with an angel. You will choose a virtue (for example: joy, harmony, courage, trust, etc.) that you will unfold and brings to life in your daily life. By taking care of this virtue, your angel will truly take care of you, your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Furthermore, every three months you will have the opportunity to assist at the great feast and celebration of the Archangels in the Essene Tradition (Michael in autumn, Gabriel in winter, Raphael in spring and Uriel in summer). This allows you to connect to the source of this divine Teaching fortifying your daily activities and renewing your strength and enthusiasm in life.

If you are going through difficulties in your life, your will benefit as well as receive personal assistance. You will also receive services, news and monthly messages so that you may remain connected and helped. You will receive strength in taking care of yourself and your angel.

The benefits of the "Circle of the Archangels"
  • Balance within your inner life as well as in your personal, professional and family life;
  • Purification of your relations with your loved ones, friends and family;
  • Serenity and stability in the administration of daily challenges and stress;
  • Creativity in your exchanges and realizations;
  • Mutual support, letting go, enthusiasm;
  • Methods and markers to take care of yourself and finding out who you are.nity.
  • Conferences from Olivier Manitara that bring light and solutions to diverse day-to-day subjects: family, birth, work, money, health, ecology, environment, religion and human relations;
  • Practical workshops, meditating postures, exercises that awaken your consciousness, guided meditations;
  • Archangel Gabriel’s activation around a Sacred Source;
  • Songs and dances to waken your creativity, your listening skills and your sensibilities;
  • The ceremony of the Circle of the Archangels: for those who desire to cease a unique opportunity to enter into communion with an Angel and work on a quality daily;
  • A time to relax, share and meet;
  • At the closing of the meeting, the Essene baptism.
Comments from the organizers
"After many years of searching for the ideal life, we have found Olivier. Pier Antoine discovered him through one of his books and I found him ten years ago during one of his conferences. We both said “wow”. Finally, we had met the person who could explain with clarity what to do in order to be happy in our daily lives by simple but efficient methods.
Our first experience with the Circle of the Archangels has allowed us to understand that there is truly another way to live and think.
This soul- searching has brought us discernment and allowed us to choose well what we deeply desire in our life. By carrying an angel or a daily virtue, we never feel alone. We understand that by supporting the divine world, the divine world supports us.
What a joy!"
Pier Antoine & Claire.

With the presence of Olivier Manitara, Essene Teacher