Who is Archangel Gabriel
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Who is Archangel Gabriel


This article wants to bring a new look on a sublime being: Archangel Gabriel.

His name signifies “Force of God.” This Archangel is of divine origin, he is one with God,  never having broken his bond with the Ineffable. He is present in humanity since the dawn of ties and he takes a fundamental place in its history.

Moreover, he is close of each being as a guide, a loving protection, a friend on the path of life.

Archangel Gabriel an eternal principle

It is important that the role of Archangel Gabriel be known in his multiple activities: Gabriel is a divine being, immutable, immortal, living beyond time and space; Gabriel is an eternal principle which participates to the creation of the universe.

Archangel Gabriel acts in the sphere of existence of humanity and he is present under different forms. During any manifestations of a new religion destined to make appear a new civilization, Gabriel, under the form of the guardian Angel act in the existence of each creature so to lead it towards a superior world.

This Archangel is a mystery and concentrating on him, it is discovering a new dimension of life. He is an immaterial, infinite being, living in a place of existence fare removed from ours and yet, has never cease to manifest himself in our concrete world to guide humanity since its first steps.

In this article, we bring you a new clarity on this incredible being which the name venerated by Judaism, Christianism, Islam, but also by all other great religions of the world as we will see further.

At the beginning of all culture and therefore all human civilization, there is a religion and therefore a divine revelation, a contact, an alliance of a group of individuals with a higher intelligence. A human civilization is always an attempt, happy or unhappy, to give a body to Divinity. This is why religion is the foundation of life on Earth.

At the basis of all religions stands Archangel Gabriel. The name of Gabriel is written in the Torah, in the New Testament, in the Coran. For Judaism, he is an Envoy of God; he is part of his body. For Christianism, he is the Archangel of Annunciation, the one who has announced to Mary that she would give birth to Jesus. For Islam, he is the one who, on a period of 22 years, dictated what will become the Sourates of the Holy Coran. He is Allah himself: God.

Archangel Gabriel the source of all religions

To understand who Archangel Gabriel is, requires to come out of the dogmas and thoughts systems imposed by religions who have led humanity into ignorance and lie.

The truth is always found in simplicity, unity and obviousness that brakes the established frontiers and makes appear one and unique path in all the traditions and the religions.

Archangel Gabriel is intimately linked to Judaism, Christianism and to Islam. The sacred texts of these religions mentioned his name many times, but do you believe that this divine being has spoken to humanity  only during these last 2500 years?

 Many previous civilizations have spoken about Gabriel. For the Egyptians of the time of pharaohs, he was the God Hâpy, and we venerated through the Nil; in India, he was the God Ganja (The Ganges). He is present in all the religions.

Archangel Gabriel is an eternal principle that remains beyond the words, cultures, concepts and modes of humanity. He is the eternal God of Water.

It is not because other religions and cultures did not name Gabriel by his name that they did not know him and that they were not born from him.

For the Essene tradition, Archangel Gabriel is the founding Father of all religions, from the most ancients until the most recent ones as Egypt, India, China of the Sons of heaven, the Mayans, Judaism, Christianism, Islam and the Essenes.

Women and men who have met Gabriel

For a religion to take birth on earth, it first requires one or several men being educated in the mysteries of God in order to contact a higher world. No other authentic religion can come from men; of course, men can take the revelation of a higher world and create a dogma, but at the origin, all of this comes from God. When the higher worlds see a man who elevates above the mass and presents himself at their portal, they start talking to him and give him a mission.

They become Envoys of God.

These beings, these envoys, by their alliance with God make appear the great religions. All the envoys of God who have worked for the Father, like Buddha, Moses, Jesus, Mohamed were in contact with Archangel Gabriel.

The prophet Daniel

The prophet Daniel is a key figure of the Bible and there is an aura of mystery on his writings, as the book of Enoch or Saint-John’s Apocalypse. Of course, these texts are very old and they were retouched, arranged successively by Judaism and Christianism. The history tells us that the prophet was on the banks of the river Oulai when he saw a being appear without a name or a face, that represented God, the Great Unknown. The Without-Name refers to Gabriel as being its spoke-person, his translator and his messenger. Besides, Daniel became the spoke-person for men. Thus, the hierarchy is established and the body of a new civilization appears. Under the commandments of the Without-Name, who stands on the other bank, Archangel Gabriel crosses the river that separates the Prophet from the Unknown and seals the alliance of the 2 worlds.

The power of Gabriel is such that Daniel cannot support it and he collapsed on the ground. Gabriel transmits him the Teaching of the divine world and reveals him the blueprints that must be put in place for the future. The history tells us that it took 2 days for Daniel to get over this meeting.

Mary, Archangel Gabriel’s daughter

The Annunciation of the birth of the Light in the world under the form of the child Jesus is a high fact of Archangel Gabriel. Mary, at the image of the prophet, is also in an initiatory tradition. Her whole life is impregnated of the Teaching of the Magi, the Egyptians and the Essenes who, in the lineage of the prophet Elijah, put everything at work to give a body to God. Such is the dominant thought of the Essene communities in which lived the Virgin Mary.

In a previous incarnation, The Essene Virgin was a priestess of Isis and passed her entire life at the service of water. She brought water to bless the statues of the Gods, and through the Gods, to bless all beings. Thus, she was a daughter of Gabriel and prepared herself for her future mission.

The birth of Master Jesus was one of the most beautiful realizations and offerings from the Essene people to glorify the Light and bring the blessing to humanity and Earth. During the year 2007, Archangel Gabriel revealed to the Essenes an unknown episode from the life of Mary, the mother of Jesus:

Mary was pregnant of Jesus. That day, she was inside a building in company of other women who were weaving. She had a special radiance, and above all, he face appeared to be transformed. Since a while already, it had taken the appearance of a pure drop of water. She was listening to the words spoken by the women who worked beside her. A little while later, she went to the place where she used to go praying the Divinity, as it was worshiped at the time. In this place, Archangel Gabriel appeared to her. He announced that she would give birth to a child in which would be found the seed of the divine world. He revealed to her also that by carrying him and giving him birth, she would participate to the incarnation of a being half-man, half-God. He told her that her son would have a pure link with the divine world, a disinterested relationship, without calculation of debt, natural and direct contact.

He ended it by: « Your child will be as you are.” Gabriel is the divine force who can decide the nature of the individual who incarnate, for he acts directly on the placenta, on the water. Mary was a woman of a great gentleness and a great purity. She was intelligent and determined, for she did not let certain things pass if she did not approve them.

She was righteous. Archangel Gabriel showed her that Jesus also would have these virtues. This gentleness and purity would accompany his special link with the divine world and the righteousness would allow him to separate the false from the true light. Gabriel is often linked to women, to childbirth for he has revealed Master Jesus through Mary’s placenta which built him a body of manifestation. As a mother, Mary has allowed the creation of her son’s physical body, she has transmitted him her orientations, but Gabriel is the true father.

It is for this reason that he is linked to women. In fact, he has the power to make appear and to realize concretely what woman carries in subtlety. The example of Moses saved from the waters is another illustration. However, Gabriel could not speak to Mennet, his mother, for this one did not have the necessary wisdom. She was deeply eaten away by her personal life, for she did not really have an inner power.

On the other hand, the woman who welcomed Moses in the Nil – who played the role of placenta- revealed her true origin on the throne. It would be wishful that pregnant women turn interiorly towards Archangel Gabriel and allow their pregnancy to be accompanied, oriented by his presence. Then men should turn towards him to obtain more purity and discipline in regard to the work they will engender. Gabriel brings purity, righteousness in the work that man must accomplish. Finally, Mary allowed a higher intelligence to plant the seed of the Light in her, even if she was not really conscious of this. But she was pure and righteous, the virtues she carried allowed offering an adapted earth to this Light. Besides, we must know that if women want to engender and see the beauty realized around them, they must stand in the aura of purity, wisdom, in the radiance of the virtues. They must avoid to act by personal interest and to let themselves being fecundated by darkness and have children unconsciously.

Meeting between Archangel Gabriel and Mani

During the year 2007, Archangel Gabriel revealed also to the Essenes an unknown episode from the life of Mani, which he used to vehicle a teaching for our era:

That day, Mani was doing a special spiritual practice he used to do. He was standing arms apart, head and legs straight and he was turning on himself letting progressively his arms move away from the body- as the Dervishes do. He began to swirl like a top until he no longer felt his body. Suddenly, his consciousness elevated in a higher space and he saw the Earth from above. In this place and state of awakening, a being appeared and told him: “Look at the Earth. It is blue. It is the veil of the Mother. This veil is what protects human beings from what comes from the depths of all things. If you know how to enter the earth’s aura, you will always find resourcing, purification, peace, balance and many other virtues you cannot reach in the depths of your being.”

Mani asked: “Who are you to show me this?”

He answered: “I am Gabriel. I am the one who is always around you as the protector who maintains the worlds and ensures balance. If I must cleanse, I cleanse. If I must appease, I appease. But one thing is for sure:  man is strongly connected to Gabriel, for Gabriel is the one who softens all things and envelops them. For example, if you receive wisdom or a trial in your life, Gabriel’s world ensures that it happens to you in a way you can manage it. I am always the protector against everything.”

Then Mani understood that Gabriel’s world is not as sharp as one can say. It is sharp when needed, for he opposes world’s fatality. He is opposed to what is preconceived and harmful, as a mother would do in preparing her child to all that can happen to him. He envelops, he helps so that the best is accomplished and individuals do not find themselves plunged in a permanent and heavy hardship, or again in a hard and permanent illumination.

Thus took place the meeting between Archangel Gabriel and Mani. He showed him that the blue colour around the Earth was water, visible and invisible. He taught him that if he entered into the subtle dimension of this blue veil and managed to connect to it permanently by the summit of his head  - meaning by what is higher in man - this would give birth to a permanently flowing fountain. By this source, he could live in a constant union with Archangel Gabriel’s divine world. We find this science in the Essene baptism during which the path of man towards Man is inscribed on the candidate. In reality, this path comes from this blue space, this invisible water that cleanses in an uninterrupted manner the link between man and his soul.

Prophet Mohamed

The first meeting of Archangel Gabriel and the prophet Mohamed occurred when the latter was leaving to fight against Jews and Christians, for he was not agreeing with dogmatism, fanaticism and  sectarianism. On his way, he crossed a stream beside which he rested with his companions. The Archangel spoke to him through a green stone that was bathing in the water. He tempered him and opened the way for peace, intelligence and auto discipline.

The prophet refused to listen and continued his path. Then the Archangel spoke severely to him saying that if he did not listen, he would be abandoned from God. Mohamed listened and changed his path. He will then follow the Essene Teaching, notably through Mary and the Nestorians’s wisdom. After many years of discipline, around the age of 40, he will seal the Alliance with Archangel Gabriel in Mount Hira’s caves.

Gabriel announced him he was an Envoy from God. During 22 years, he dictated him texts. After the prophet’s death, some disciples understanding the value of this teaching strived to save it, which gave the Holy Coran. Islam is the carrier of an esoteric teaching, showing that the Essene influence is still alive in it. This esotericism is found in the book of the ladder of Mohamed. In this text, Archangel Gabriel appears as the guide allowing Mohamed to be initiated to different mysteries of the superior worlds. All these texts show that prophet Mohamed was a man with beliefs and concepts. He was trained and educated by a tradition, until meeting representatives of the divine world who initiated him to be their voice on earth,  deliver a message and open a path in the Name of God.

Archangel Gabriel wanted to show the prophet that everything manifested on earth is before written in another world. He led him through years of work on himself, taking a step back, to cultivate a distance from beliefs and impulses that were living inside him. He brought Mohamed towards a higher wisdom to prepare him for his mission.

Archangel Gabriel has worked to soften the prophet’s vision and lead him towards peace and reconciliation. He told him: “ Light brings always the right and wise vision which delivers man from conflict and war. Only the one who mixes all worlds think that war and dogmas can organize and lead life. But in fact, these influences inhibit life.”

Archangel Gabriel came to balance the prophet in this impulse of peace, and led him to a better aptitude to understand and teach wisdom.

Buddha, Archangel Gabriel’s son

In all simplicity, he is legitimate to say that Buddha is truly a son of Archangel Gabriel.  Saying that even more than a son, we can speak about an incarnation of the Archangel himself is just to bow before him. Buddha has succeeded in this perfection to incarnate the Divinity of Gabriel until his physical body and in the manifestations of his life. He was the presence of Gabriel, he incarnated one of the faces of God on earth and each one who could see and meet him, would learn and be fed from him. In many points, Buddha Shakyamuni was higher than most of the envoys who came on Earth to accomplish the will of a superior world ; simply because he had entered into the body of a higher world.  He had really left the world of men, entered the divine water and lived with this superior water.

Buddha was not taught by Gabriel, but he lived with his Divinity. This is why through his Teaching and acts, he has always brought softness, compassion, awakening, serenity, plenitude, non-violence and discipline to others. It is really the seal of Archangel Gabriel that appears in his beauty.

Buddha is serene, but he stands in an inner discipline and a state of awakening that lead to the mastery of the body. It is no longer the body and dark forces of the illusory me, false gods from the world of man who direct man, but the higher intelligence which is found beyond the world of death. Of course, the world of Archangel Gabriel is greater than the Buddha, but the Archangel lived in the Buddha and through this one, it is possible to meet the Archangel in purity and truth. Any envoy of God who acts on Earth to honour the Father has inevitably met Archangel Gabriel.

Olivier Manitara and the Essene Nation

With Olivier Manitara, we enter in the present and notice that not only the work of Light continues, but becomes clearer. It is always alive and it is possible to participate to it. For those who love God, it is a true happiness to see that there is a succession, a heritage and that what has existed in the past still exists and is perpetuated. In Olivier Manitara, we must not look at the man, but rather to the continuity of the Tradition. For those who know him, it is certain that he is a simple man, a family man, a friend, but he is also in an impersonal way, the one who perpetuates the world. He is the servant of a greater intelligence which has always existed and seeks to transmit a message to humanity. Through him, it is possible to meet this intelligence of Archangel Gabriel who guided Enoch, taught with the Pharaohs, lived in Buddha, instructed the Essene Virgin Mary, dictated the holy commandments to the prophet Mohamed and gave the courage and kindness to the Cathars. This intelligence greater than any man is the Common Good, what the religions call “God”.

Archangel Gabriel today

Archangel Gabriel has never ceased to speak to humanity and he will not stop, because humanity and the Earth are part of his family. He wants to protect and lead us towards the evolution as a loving mother wanting to guide her children.

Gabriel is today present in the Essene Nation to bring forth a new civilization of God. All beings who seek truth, divine love, peace, serenity, must participate to this work of God. This is the beginning of a new world: this has been announced in several prophecies and it is now here in our midst.

It is through the Round of Archangels, the Essene Bible of the new Beginning, the 4 Archangels: Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel that God speak again to humanity.

Here is an excerpt from a psalm of Archangel Gabriel.

“You are not just an isolated body and consciousness. Your body and your consciousness breathe in the universe, and it is through this permanent exchange that you can find your fulfillment, your path, your plenitude.”

Essene Bible, Archangel Gabriel, 8:10