But who are the Essenes?
Who are the Essenes

But who are the Essenes?

The Essenes come alive

At a time when men lock themselves up in mental prisons, withdraw into themselves, confined and imprisoned by lies and illusory concepts, manipulated by oriented thoughts, unverified information, illegal laws, excessive measures...

The Essenes open themselves in the great universal breath, renew the dialogue with the intelligences of nature, unite, seal covenants in the visible and invisible worlds. They generate sacred atmospheres, powerfully liberate the ethers, turn towards the great blue sky, breathe with all the worlds. They sing and dance to open another path, they proclaim that another way is still possible, that humanity is not finished, that the Light is there. they bring the message of the Great Mother.

The Essenes have an alliance with the Great Mother

 The Essenes bring the message of the Great Mother:

“It had been, it had disappeared, it is possible again.”

 A world of beauty, wisdom, light and intelligence has already existed, and today, at a time when everything is closing, it can still manifest itself and live on earth. A door is still open, it is a divine will.

This world is there, within our reach, it can be written in our footsteps if we know how to make the choices. We just have to make the right decisions, those that are just, wise, bring dignity, respect, the Good to all.

The essene choice and path of liberation

The Essenes say YES to what they want to see appear in the world. They take their lives in hands, that is, taking care of their thoughts, acts, of their path of destiny.

The Essenes say NO to a world that leads to nothingness, slavery and confinement in order to be able to say YES to another world. There is no plan B for mankind in the path that has been laid out for them. . . There are only two paths.

The Essene Nation and Bible

 The path of nobility and freedom is opened by a people of souls in all peoples, the one that has always preserved the covenant with the higher worlds. Today this people in all peoples is called: The Essene Nation.

The Essenes gather on sacred lands, dare to be together and to embrace each other, they build a new world, lay down divine scriptures, they dare to commit, they dare to say NO to the darkness, and say YES to the Light.

The Essenes to turn towards greatness and eternity. They dare to renounce what should no longer be, to renounce absurdity and ignorance, to leave behind them a sinking ship, to build a magnificent vessel, to set sail and keep the course for the promised land, on the sunny shore.

The Essenes open their arms to you. . . They are the Light on earth.

These excerpts from the contemporary Essene Bible bear witness to this:

 “Know that the Essene Nation does not work only for the Essenes, but that it is called and known in all the worlds as the “head of nations,” that is, as the guarantor of reconciliation and liberation of the worlds for the good of all beings.”

Essene Bible, Uriel, 233:29

“The Essene Nation is, for humanity and the earth, the connection with the soul and the open door to the divine world. The connection is thereby maintained not only for the Essenes, but for all beings. It is the balance of the worlds and the glimmer of hope. It is the last match, that can still once more make fire appear and Light spring forth, an act that can change everything."

Essene Bible, Michael, 121:11

"Let those who want to get out of this corrupt world take refuge on the sacred lands of the Essene Nation. On these lands, construct the foundations of a new culture, a new civilization on the bases of the eternal tradition."

Essene Bible, Michael, 123:9

"Protect the Essene Nation, for it is a living access to a higher world for the future generations. Thanks to this, men will not be cut off from their souls, which is fundamental.”

Essene Bible, Uriel, 129:13

“The Essene Nation is a work of Light that unites all the ideals of all the kingdoms of the creation. It is the supreme convergence point. This people in all peoples has been thought of by a world of eternity and the divine world has an interest in it seeing the day, living and breathing on earth.”

Essene Bible, Uriel, 39:16

“May the Essene Nation be great, may it enlighten the world, may it be the answer to all questions, may it ennoble all that is imperfect and make beautiful what is ugly. May it change men's gaze into one of kindness, love, sharing and divinity in your life."

Essene Bible, Gabriel, 202:9

"The Essene Nation carries a divine seal in it, a revelation that must be placed on earth, then invigorated, maintained and strengthened. The challenge is global, it is the future of humanity and the earth, for if the seal cannot be put and invigorated, the door uniting humanity to a higher intelligence will not be kept open and men will no longer be able to access worlds that elevate them. They will no longer have any ground to carry them for such an elevation or any opening towards truly higher worlds."

Essene Bible, Gabriel, 111:7

"The Essene Nation is much more important than you think, for it is the will of the Father. If men do not see this in simplicity and beauty, it shows that they are almost totally chained in the world of egregores and human concepts. They can no longer even recognize the divine world when it manifests itself, so closed is the world. That is why I address those who can still believe, even slightly: put strength in what you believe to be right in order to keep this door open. Enter the Covenant and make yourself a body of the Covenant.

In the future, there will be 2 humanities of which you are living the beginnings. The first humanity will be in the world of recycling and will live only in the service of a technological world. The other humanity will have to live only with superior magical and divine abilities to those you know today. The greatest of these abilities will be to see, thanks to the living intelligence, what is behind the beings, the things, the events. It will be a kind of wise clairvoyance that will be freed from the illusions of the spiritual worlds linked to the world of men. This organ must develop within the Essene Nation.

Through everything it brings into the world, the Essene Nation is the seed of this organ that shall appear in the future and that some will be able to receive. Then, the earth and humanity will not be totally lost. Those who will receive this organ will be destined to create a people that will give birth to a new civilization, to another way of being in the world, to a new beginning so that the living light keeps the possibility of touching the Mother. Everything that is brought into the Essene Nation by the divine world is the foundation of this new civilization.

You, the faithful of God in all peoples, traditions, religions, bow to Him and accept His will. Take part in the work of the Essene Nation in purity and impersonality, for it is in the present that the future is written. God is eternal, but men must write the future in the present. It is their task to always keep God alive in the present so that the future is divine. »

Essene Bible, Michael, 161:13-15

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