But who are the Essenes and what are they doing? 
Who are the Essenes

But who are the Essenes and what are they doing? 

The essene healing path

 When men enslave mountains to pitch their antennas, we plant stones of immortality spreading healing and a covenant with God. 

When men put animals into cages, mutilate and massacre them, we offer the forgiveness of offenses, we honour the Cow, the Tortoise and the Elephant through sacred ceremonies, we build a temple for the bees. 

When men deliver their children to an educational system which formats and breaks them, we surround them with a alive knowledge, we leave them free to discover their path in the nature of our villages. 

When men build their soulless towers and cities, we build temples to honour the Archangels and the Gods. 

When men abdicate in front of artificial intelligence, we go into the arms of Mother Earth to receive initiations and teachings. 

When men make war, we get together throughout the world, call upon and celebrate Michael, the God of the Fire of Love. 

When men suffer and die in hospitals, we call upon the ethers of Raphael, the Great God of Health, we spread a breath of healing in the world. 

When men lose their soul and destroy the sacred connection with their family and the great family of creation, we call upon Gabriel God of Water, Love and Family, we receive his baptism of soul liberation, we build sacred sites for him where he is able to spread his forces around the earth. 

When men criticise, revolt and destroy, we honour, call upon and bring the Angel of peace on earth. 

When men pour their pesticides, poisoning the earth and set fire to forests, we call upon and honour Uriel, the great God of the earth of Light, we offer him our rites, our works and our prayers. 

When men close the gates of heaven and extinguish their destiny, we consecrate priests, we maintain the covenant with the divine world through the activation of sacred worships, we celebrate the Archangels and invite the Angels.

When men let their laws and norms take care their dead ones and burn them, we watch over our brothers and sisters' souls and work to bury them with dignity on our sacred lands.

When men cry, we sing.

When men fight, we pray.

When men run, we meditate.

When men are agitated, we call for great calm.

When men lose control, we call upon mastery.

When men tear each other apart, we call upon harmony.

When men poison the waters, we light torches and sing to honor the divinity of the river.

When people fall asleep, we study the wisdom of a 1000-year-old tradition.

When men hypnotize themselves in front of their TV sets, we light sacred fires in our villages.

When the men go to vote, we build our houses.

When men study, we purify our bodies and subtle senses in the Mother's school of wisdom to be reborn to ourselves.

When men are imbued with false speeches, we shape and preserve the Teaching of the superior worlds, we pronounce the sacred words of the Archangels in our worships.

When men fall asleep, we awaken and transform.

When bonds are broken, we unite for a common cause.

When men dream in front of the sunsets, we honor the rising sun.

When men attach themselves to their chains, we dance!

When people robotize themselves, our bodies are animated by sacred movements.

When men eat their meat unconsciously, we honor the cow.

When men lose the precious of their being, we honor the turtle.

When people lose their memory, we honor the elephant.

When men plunder the depths of the earth, we raise stones and honour them.

When people pollute water and air, we purify our hearts and minds.

When sacred femininity is lost, we erect a temple to God the Mother.

When men fasten their chains themselves, we honor the eagle and purify our karmas.

When men imprison themselves in their mortal existence, we honor eternity.

When men abdicate control and enslavement, we find the strength to take our lives into our own hands.

When men organize a world, we build a new one.

When the species disappear, we make the man-Angel appear.

When men sink into nothingness, we activate ourselves for the Light.

When men no longer have a word, we commit ourselves eternally.

When men are unemployed, we work tirelessly.

When the world of men collapses, we open another path.

We are Children of the Light

We are Essenes on Earth.