The Essene Nation Daily Message

« A man who does not respect thought does not honour what a divine world has given to him »

Raphaël, 49 : 7

An Essene pastor explains the message below:

« You are travelers and creators through thought. If you are not fully aware of it, you will be lost, for whoever steals your thought takes over your whole life, including your destiny. Cultivate clear thoughts, the one at the top of the mountain, the one that allows you to see and control everything that happens in the valley. Take care of thought, because this truly is a precious gift that can awaken and stabilize you, strengthen your consciousness and bring a light which enables you to take your life in hand. So work on yourself, do what is necessary. Organize yourself, help yourself, but find ways to make your thinking clearer, pure and alive. You will be awake and aware of everything that is going on in you and around you. Be vigilant, keep your eyes open to discern the worlds that are within you, those around you, whether you already know them or not. It is through this discipline of thought that you will become the creators of your life, your destiny and your future.»

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