The Essene Nation Daily Message

You shall not look at what you must not look at for fear of being possessed.

An Essene Priest comments as follows :

If you look at things that you should not do everyday, then this will grow upon you and you will not realize this consciously until after a while but then it might be too late….

Your thoughts build up and gain power whether negative or positive. Your eyes fall upon some image and you may spend hours, weeks, years thinking of something that is completely false in your life and be lead astray...

The more you give the force to a negative thought, the more it will nourish itself from your being and the same on the positive side.

This is such a simple approach to life but so mighty and powerful and yet we were never taught like this. Be aware of the quality of your thoughts and if the negative thought comes back again and again, tell it that you have had enough and do not want to hear from it anymore. Light a candle and liberate that being or entity once and for all. The Essene teachings may help you tremendously to this avail.

 Psalm 251 of Archangel Gabriel 

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