The Essene Nation Daily Message

Man must know the smallest within him before approaching the greatness

Essene Bible Archangel Uriel 75:3

To approach the divine worlds, man must first approach the earth. From the Mother, She who carries and nourishes ourselves. The living kingdoms of nature live within Her, minerals, plants, animals, men. Man must relearn to live in harmony with all these beings, with great respect for the life surrounding him.

He must approach the smallest, the smallest flower, the smallest animal, the smallest stone, in gentleness** (**sweetness) and humility in order to reconnect with them in a pure and true, delicate and subtle, faithful and stable connection.

For it is only by cultivating a just and respectful attitude towards the worlds that live on earth with him that man can cultivate the right attitude with the higher worlds. If the kingdoms of the Mother can count on man, then the superior worlds will know that he is a reliable, secure, stable land on which they too can count on.

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