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URIEL 52:2

« The test is the confrontation with the harshness of matter. It is therefore unavoidable in this physical world. It appears to us as a wall that stands in the way: should we go around it or knock it down ? In fact, we must prepare for them by studying the life’s laws and putting them into practice through our subtle bodies, even in the world of dense matter. Then the material becomes thinner and the obstacle that could have been unavoidable is not anymore.

A law says that the divine world sends a message three times; The 4th time, you get the fruit that matches the way you reacted to those messages. These messages are about your subtle bodies. The first message, for your body of fire, tells you the right thought to adopt. The second one manifests itself through your body of air: you perceive discomfort, your breath changes, you feel that something is wrong.

The message is to change your life orientation. Then you get a message through your body of water, asking you to change your path: you realize that there is an element missing, that what you undertake does not really succeed, as if you were living in an inconsistent dream world.

If you still refuse to understand, the divine world finally tries to touch you through your body of earth. It then speaks to you through the hardness and opacity of matter: this is the unavoidable obstacle that hurts, the inevitable test, which you will have to face up to and overcome.

If you understand this law, everything becomes easier because you recover your creative power over matter and you learn to manage the influences that govern events.»

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    Uriel– Essene Spirit

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    Uriel– Essene Spirit

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