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      Prayer to the Angel of Healing

      Holy Angel of Healing messenger of the God of air, through the Essene Religion in all pure and true religions I welcome you in me. I connect to God and to all the pure and real worlds in Him.

      Enoch's prayer of peace

      I speak to you. Be at peace. Know that I am God. I spoke to you when you were born. I spoke to you at your first look. I spoke to you at your first word. I spoke to you at your first thought ...

      Prayer to my angel for the temple of the light

      O my Angel, I bless you, be blessed, O my Angel. May God be great, may God be honoured. May the temple of God be for God. May the Light be beautiful and alive. May the Light be our soul, may the Light be our body. May the Light be...

      In Me and Around Me

      “That my first awakening Is for the victory of the divine light In me and around me! ..."