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      Psalm 5 of Archangel Uriel - The Magical Place Inside You

      Gospel of Archange Uriel If man wants to be useful for a work he carries in his soul for all eternity, he must awaken his higher nature into reality and not live only for his body. Then, more and more, he will know why he came on earth and what he...

      Psalm 4 of Archangel Uriel - Find the Quintessence of Things and Put It into Practice

      Gospel of Archangel Uriel Psalm 4 Man lives in a world where everything he is able to know has a similarity to the divine world.

      Psalm 1 of Archangel Uriel - Discover your own history

      Gospel of Archangel Uriel Psalm 1 The vision of the Father and the Mother needs to be clear in man.