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      Psalm 5 of Archangel Raphael - From the Fear of Death to Eternal Life

      Gospel of Archangel Raphael If man looks for the divine world, it is because he has a soul, and it feels the need to find its true homeland, its family, what corresponds to it again.2 When it awakens, the soul suffers in the mortal world, for it does not find the elements, the...

      Psalm 4 of Archangel Raphael - The Secret of the Green Stone

      Gospel of Archangel Raphael Psalm 4 The green stone that I have offered to the Essenes and that you have used to symbolize the presence of the Angel and the Archangel is an absolute truth. ...

      Psalm 1 of Archangel Raphael - Breathe with the angels

      Gospel of Archangel Raphael Psalm 1 Know that the beings who walk towards the awakening of the Light aspire to the breath of eternal life, whether consciously or unconsciously. Have they really understood the meaning of this breath? And have they gone further into the mysteries of breathing?